Hoss sees printmaking as an ideal vehicle for bringing his passion to life. He has created linocuts, stone lithographs, intaglio/etchings and block prints to great success; and yet serigraphy is the printmaking medium that has stolen his heart. Beginning in his mid-20’s Hoss began working exclusively in the serigraphy/silkscreen medium. He loved the impact of the bold, flat colors, independently applied, but tied together in an integrated story about a particular feeling, place or moment in time. Hoss has pushed the serigraphy medium where few have gone before. As his own master printer, with complete control over this intricate printmaking process, he prints 20-130 colors, one-by-one, building his pieces like a puzzle, and ultimately yielding very limited editions of 30 original prints. Because he destroys his stencils in the process of printing each edition, he can never reprint any set of these extraordinary original serigraphs. If you are interested in learning more about these or other collector edition serigraphs, please contact us.