Over the years, Hoss has completed more than 135 commissions, of all shapes and sizes. The constant in this process is that his clients like and gravitate toward his style, and they enjoy the easy way he helps bring their own special places or memories to life. When partnering on a commission, Hoss typically works with clients over a period of weeks or months, providing a few rounds of sketches before getting the final nod to execute the final. It’s a very collaborative process, which his patrons enjoy because they are able to influence the general direction of their piece(s), while Hoss maintains the integrity of the execution.

If you are drawn to Martino’s work and you want to capture a special place or feeling, or to create a little treasure for a specific wall, please contact us. Martino would love to work with you.

"We have done two completely different commissions many years apart. In both cases,
Martino was a great listener and easy to work with. We were so pleased with how he struck
the balance between our personal desires and his artistic interpretation."

                                                                                               - Maggie and Peter Bentley